Paulina # 7

Food for Thought

Each annual edition of the St Paul's Girls' School magazine Paulina has a theme; this year it was 'Food for Thought'. We design key graphic features which are consistent through each edition. For this issue, we made good use of Pantone Orange 021 to add vibrancy and a lush richness of colour, in keeping with the idea of glorious food. The borders always include the subject title and this year had the addition of a knife and fork, so each spread took on the appearance of a place setting. We used the cutlery handle engraving as the inspiration for the design for the bespoke drop caps.

Subject specific graphics we designed for this edition included amongst others: Tim Peake and student physicists 'beamed up' with their space plants; two food bank pieces designed as food packaging; an illustration of Donald Trump 'baking' a new federal cake; an illustrative mash-up of Italian idioms and the pantry of the French language (including Proust on madeleines and a Camembert roundabout...); an infographic to show the food intake of mice and elephants in comparison to their relative mass; and Italian opera singers tempting each other with spaghetti (see Rossini's The Italian Girl in Algiers for an explanation).