MedIAN logo

Visual identity for the Medical Image Analysis Network

We were commissioned by MedIAN, the Medical Image Analysis Network, based at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford, to design their visual identity.

The brief was to design an identity that would include a graphic to conceptually visualise the work and purpose of the organisation. The aim of the Medical Image Analysis Network is to bring together imaging scientists with different skills sets and experiences to consider how technological advances in how images are acquired, and how images (and associated information) are analysed, can be applied to solve medical problems.

In response to this, we researched and interrogated medical images, such as those taken from MRI scans, ultrasounds and CT scans. We then developed a number of stylised graphics, taking inspiration from the images. The final design is a visual distortion of the computer-generated mapping device that can be overlayed on medical images to plot the properties of a biological feature. The graphic also evokes the network nature of the organisation and how seemingly distant points can come together to make important connections.

There are a number of variations of the identity, suitably adapted for different uses including as a social media icon.