Diamond Light Source sector logos

A series of visual identities for research areas

Diamond Light Source commissioned us to design a series of logos to represent different industry sectors who research at the Diamond facility. The brief was to produce four logos, which would separately convey the nature of the sector it represented but would each also work as part of the wider collection of sector logos.

We designed a number of initial concepts. The chosen concept represented each sector as emanating from a central circle, like rays of light (inspired by the synchrotron), and then each assumes a different character. Some examples of these characters include:

Life Sciences – straight green lines which become 'organic' and assymetric;
Aerospace – uniform and spirals, resembling a jet engine;
Energy – evokes Feynman diagrams;
Automotive – suggests both a cog and organic compounds.

After the success of the first set, we were asked to develop more for five additional sectors, all shown here.