We build Drupal sites

All the websites we design and develop are Drupal websites. We design the look and develop the function of the site, based on the Drupal framework.

In practical terms for the client, this means that they can log into their site and create and manage content—whilst the look, layout, and smooth running of the site - created by Jamjar Creative - serve that content seamlessly to the end user on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

With a client, we first establish the general look of a site, drawing upon existing brand or starting from scratch; then we develop how it should work with their proposed content. The development site is viewed and used by the client; and tested extensively by us. We train the client in how to put content on their site, which is straightforward, and can provide ongoing support. When the client is happy, the site is moved to another server and made live.

Because the Drupal framework is based on a [MySQL] database and is designed with the styling just in front of that, the content is allowed to take centre-stage; this improves SEO inestimably. Content is not merely managed in a Drupal site—it drives the site, making it truly dynamic. And, because the site is based on a database with the styling separate, it can be re-purposed, re-configured, re-designed and remain intact.

Drupal is an open-source CMS used by many large organisations including [please note: we did not design these!]: Tate, Cartier, Post Office, Spec Savers; as well as The White House, PayPal, Louvre; but it works just as well for small businesses—it currently acounts for 2.1% of all websites. Unlike proprietary frameworks, Drupal has been—and will continue to be—driven forward by a huge community of developers contributing plugins; this means Drupal will not fall behind technology or trends.

Drupal has reached version 7.36, with version 8 in development.

For examples of big-name Drupal sites visit:

Or visit the Drupal site itself: https://www.drupal.org